About Us

At WR Ethical we provide straight-forward, ethical, and environmentally conscious advice to help you buy a home and keep it.

Independent Mortgage Advice in Bristol
If you’re looking for advice on mortgages and protection (insurance), we can help. We’re based in Bristol, where we can see you face-face, but we also operate throughout England via phone, email and video calls. So please feel free to .

How can WR Ethical help you?
Your mortgage shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why we aim to offer you a service that is excellent value, simple and caring. As such, you essentially receive the ethical values and environmental concern built into our service for free. On the subject of pricing, our fees are low – and we even give you back some of our commission. Find out more about the that’s an integral part of our independent mortgage advice service.


We also offer a personal service within a stable, trusted framework. Our relationship with Rosemount Financial Solutions (IFA) Ltd provides the size, stability and regulatory oversight to ensure everything we do is to the highest ethical and financial standards.

Why choose us for independent mortgage advice?
Founded and owned by husband and wife, Paul and Jo Waterfall, WR Ethical has a simple aim - to help you find a home you love in the most ethical way possible. Paul and Jo have been passionate about helping the planet for as long as they can remember. They have always supported international development projects and tried to make eco-friendly and ethical decisions about the way they live and what they buy. They have always been conscious about not spending much or charging too much – trying to live simply and generously, taking Jesus as inspiration. You might say they approach life and business with the same principles, which sets them apart from many mortgage advisers.