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Ethical Mortgages

We understand that buying a house is expensive and will likely be one of the biggest investments you have to make. That’s where we get a buzz out of helping you find your ideal home for the long-term.


Ethical Independent Mortgage Advice

We’re interested in a relationship of trust throughout your financial life, not a quick sale. We take the time to get to know your needs and preferences, never recommending something because of how it might benefit us – it must be the perfect financial fit for you. We’re also a socially and environmentally conscious mortgage adviser, which means we’re committed to helping you find an ethical mortgage.

Read our green mortgage guide to understand better when and why we may offer this.



What are ethical mortgages?

Put simply, an ethical mortgage is one provided by a lender who puts both your needs and the interests of the environment at heart. This means avoiding lenders who are involved in financing industries that have an extremely negative impact on society and our planet, including nuclear weapons, mining and fossil fuels.


How we help you attain an ethical mortgage

Working with Ethical Consumer, we make it easy for you to make ethical choices about your mortgage and protection (insurance). We will show you the cheapest mortgage deals, and the most ethical mortgage providers. Thankfully, often it doesn’t cost the earth to get a loan for your home!

We run our businesses as we want all businesses to be run – people and planet before profit. We are open about our fees, commission and giving. We are also open about our company policies. If you are a client, or have a legitimate interest in seeking our independent mortgage advice, then we are more than happy to share these with you – please just ask.

If you would like to save time, money, and make sure your biggest purchase is good for the planet, use our experience. As a thank you, we will even give some of our commission back to you.