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Honest Pricing

We’re in this business to do right by you at the lowest possible price. After all, your mortgage shouldn’t cost the earth.

6 keys to our ethical mortgage broking service

  1. We’re up front about what we charge and what we get paid.
  2. We genuinely care about finding the most suitable mortgage for your circumstances.
  3. We give to charity with every application fee received.
  4. We’re one of the lowest price mortgage brokers in the UK, offering fee-free advice and free Approvals in Principle (AIPs). We also give discounts to existing customers, and cashback to first time buyers.
  5. We encourage all our staff to give and save, organising ourselves in a way that doesn’t revolve around chasing profits or excessive salaries.
  6. Read our green mortgages guide, which provides an in-depth breakdown of the types of environmentally friendly mortgages we may look to recommend.

How our fees work

Application Type

New Customers

Existing Customers










Notes on fees

  • Switch - whether a change to a new product with your current lender, or a like-for-like remortgage (same borrowing, same term, but switching lender).
  • Simple - all income from permanent employment & benefits only. Standard construction, no special schemes (Shared ownership etc.)
  • Standard - Almost all other applications
  • We reserve the right to charge a higher fee for particularly complex cases. We will always let you know in advance, and give you the chance to decline our services, if we intend to charge a higher fee. Examples of this would include a combination of 2 or more of Foreign Income, a special scheme, self-employment, non-standard construction or poor credit. In this case our fee would be £595 for new customers & £495 for existing customers.

Here are some important things to note:

  1. Having submitted the application, we give £45 to , DEC, inHope or - you choose.
  2. Application fees are not refundable.
  3. Full terms and conditions are available in our Client Agreement.


Cashback for First Time Buyers

As an incentive, and in recognition of the challenges of buying your first home, we offer Cashback to first time buyers. This is payable once we receive our commission from a lender. Normally, this is 1-2 months after completion.

Mortgage Size


under £100k


£100k - £200k


£200k - £400k


More than £400k



In-flight changes
You ask us to make a change to your application after it has been submitted (such as applying for a different mortgage product, changing the loan amount requested, or even the property you are buying. Where this can be done withing the same application:

  • We will not charge for the 1st change.
  • 2nd and subsequent charges will be charged at £45.

Why do we charge existing customers less?
We want to thank you for your loyalty! Since we already know you, any future applications are a little quicker, so we pass this saving onto you.

Can you give me an example of how your fees work?
Here’s an example of a first-time buyer looking for a £120,000 mortgage:

  1. Initial consultation and recommendation
    All initial meetings are free, including our follow-up research of the best options and providing recommendations.
  2. Agreement in Principle
    When the buyer is ready to start looking at properties, we will work with the buyer to pull together the information required, and submit this to a lender for free as well.
  3. Application
    When the buyer has found their new home, we will charge £195 to make the mortgage application and follow it through to completion. We give £45 to charity at this point.
  4. Completion and cashback
    On completion, we are paid £360 commission (0.3% of £120,000). We give £100 back to the first-time buyer.

    In total the first-time buyer will have been charged £95, including the £45 charity donation – it’s a simple and ethical way of doing business.